My Strawberry Shortcakes

Layered vanilla sponge cake with strawberry, Chantilly cream and top with whipped cream.
Moist, Light and airy. A favorite choice for birthdays and Christmas

Dark Chocolate Banana Tart

Dark chocolate with sweet delicious banana. Perfect for an evening treat

Carrot Cake

Soft, Moist, Rich, Fresh and not overly sweet.
Enough said.

VB Cheesecake

Chocolate cake with vanilla Chantilly, pitted dark cherry and chocolate flakes.


Mango Summer

For those who loves mango

Dragon Blossom

Vanilla sponge cake layered with Pomegranate mousse, white wine poached peach, red dragon fruit. Topped with white wine jelly,and lastly decorated with dried rose petal!

Matcha Azuki

Rich matcha and with delicious azuki beans

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